LEARN Board Members

Founding Members

Jessica Mattingly

Term Members

Tina Tasoulas

Stephanie Graeber

Kim Crowley 

Ashley Robertson

Gretchen Lackey

Previous Board Members

Cheryl Westra – Member Emeritus

Dionna Ford- Member Emeritus

Jacquie A. Gorman

Monica Jones

Heather Wetzel

Alisha Goodson

Heidi Holycross-Lui 

Antia Crutchfield 

Erin Liner

Raegan Buatte

Jamie Ratcliff

The business of the corporation will be managed by the Board of Directors, comprised of at least three Directors.  The Board is responsible for maintaining the overall policy and direction of the organization.

Three-year Board positions begin September 1st of the first year to August 31st of the 3rd year. Open seats will be announced in May and LEARN members in good standing are invited to apply to be on the Board. The current Board votes on new members from the applications received.

Any seat vacated early will remain empty until the end of the term unless the Board determines a need to immediately fill the position.  In that case the Board will elect a member to complete the term.

Except for Founding Board Members, Board Members serve three years and then must be off the Board for a year before reapplying. Founding Board Members may take a year Sabbatical once every four years.  All Board Directors shall apply and be elected by the incumbent Directors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, each Director shall hold office until he or she resigns, is removed, or until his or her successor is elected and qualifies as a Director. Subject to a unanimous vote, the Board of Directors reserves the right to extend a Director’s term for a period of time determined as necessary, based on the organization’s need.

When a spot is open, LEARN members in good standing are invited to apply. For more information on these roles, see the LEARN Board Member Job Description.