Teen Group

Teen activities are a great way for teens 13 and up to get involved with a positive peer group! We host a number of events throughout the year including weekly gatherings, group activities, and volunteer opportunities. Most activities are not drop off events and parents are expected to stay or make arrangements with another adult to monitor their teen.

Other teen events include:
Spring Formal
Fall/Winter Dance
Volunteer Opportunities
Graduation for Seniors

For continued participation in events, at all LEARN Teen events, teens must:

  • Be respectful of each other.
  • Be respectful of the space we are using and clean-up at the end of activities
  • Not possess or use alcohol
  • Not possess or use illegal drugs
  • Not smoke or vape
  • Not engage in making out

Families must be current paid members of LEARN to participate in Teen Group activities. Teens are eligible to participate beginning the month before their thirteenth birthday, at which time their parents will be added to the teen email group and, if desired, the teen will be added as well. While outside and family commitments may preclude a parent’s full participation in teen activities, please remember that LEARN is built on relationships. Participation in supervising, supporting, and planning teen activities is a great way to foster community and support your teen.

If you are interested in participating in teen activities, please contact kclearn@gmail.com to be added to our communications.