Class Co-Ops

LEARN hosts three educational cooperatives (“co-ops”) to provide families across the metro with expanded learning and social opportunities:


Each co-op is a little different to accommodate the variety of locations and participation levels of our families. Scroll down to learn more about each co-op.

SCENE Class Co-ops

*The Covid-19 pandemic led us to re-work our offerings to accommodate a wide range of needs in our community. You can read about our current COVID Transition Plan here*

These weekly gatherings and classes are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, usually from 10 am – 2:30 pm. Sessions are offered twice each year, Fall and Spring. Each session includes a variety of classes for all ages. We end each semester with a week for needed makeup classes plus a “showcase” of classes who wish to share their learning and projects.

We offer classes on a wide variety of topics and interests. Some are professionally led, most are led by parents in the community, and some are cooperatively led. Past offerings have included art, dance, music, creative writing, science, history, individual and group sports, and finance. Parents are encouraged to offer classes in their area of interest!

Class fees include a nominal fee for space rental and are otherwise determined by the teacher. Fees can range from $20-$100 depending on the teacher fee and offering.

Details & Reminders:

SCENE Wednesdays is moving indoors again! You can see more information about our current setup in our 2022-23 Transition Plan

  • Our new location features a community room to eat lunch and hang out, classroom spaces, a large gym with an upstairs lounge area and track for older kids and adults, and an outdoor play space.
  • This facility is an active community center and enrolled families are asked to respect the property by cleaning up after themselves, and only using the supplies/tools that you are certain were brought by LEARN families.
  • Registered LEARN families will be notified of the SCENE location during the Class offering and enrollment period.

SCENE Tuesdays are currently split into two sessions: A park session followed by a virtual session. You can see more information about our current setup in our 2022-23 Transition Plan

  • We rent shelters at a lovely park in the Shawnee, KS area. There are two playground areas, a pond, bathrooms, and running water available.
  • Virtual sessions are planned for the colder months and to accommodate those not ready to return to in person activities – or who just enjoy the convenience and diversity that virtual offerings provide!


  • Bring any food your family will need during your stay.
  • No play weapons are allowed.
  • This is not a drop-off event.

Learn more about our Policies.


Welcome to CIRCLE (Kansas City Children Involved in a Respectful Cooperative Learning Environment)!

This co-op is open to all current, paid LEARN families, regardless of educational choices, who seek a respectful cooperative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults. We are part of the LEARN Home Education Network.

This co-op runs three times a year:

  • Spring/Summer: March, April, May, & June
  • Summer/Fall: July, August, September, October
  • Fall/Winter: November, December, January, February

Each family must offer a class/activity in order to enroll in any available classes offered for the quarter. CIRCLE classes are different each trimester based on the offerings of participants. This is a fun way to bring variety to your homeschool.

Rather than a one day, one location co-op, CIRCLE allows each teacher to pick the topic, time, date and location of each class offered. Teachers may host one-day activities, or choose to teach recurring/multi-part classes (i.e. weekly throughout the quarter, three times total, etc.). The majority of our classes tend to be in in Kansas City its surrounding communities. If you are not in the KC Metro area, you are still welcome to participate. Our members will drive longer distances for classes they are interested in. Alternatively, you can look into reserving free space at area libraries, or you can host at another member’s home.

Chat about your ideas in our Facebook Group!

When you are a current, paid member, and after submitting at least one class, you and your family may register for as many classes as you desire that trimester.

Our families enroll for co-op classes on Homeschool Life. To obtain an account on Homeschool Life with LEARN, you must be a paid LEARN member. For more on joining LEARN, please visit the Membership Page.


Based on community feedback, CIRCLE families may still dictate the level of Covid-cautious precautions to be taken in the classes they offer. The Covid-19 pandemic led us to re-work our offerings to accommodate a wide range of needs in our community. You can read about our current COVID Transition Plan here

We start preparing for each trimester one month prior to the next. Planning months occur in February, June, and October. Prior to the planning month, participants are welcome to chat about the classes they plan to offer (we will e-mail an official class reminder prior to class submission).

Here is a schedule of how we plan for each trimester:

  • During the first week of the planning month (the 1st through 7th), participants submit their classes via a webform. An automatic service takes the class info and populates our shared Google calendar.
  • Volunteers work behind the scenes from the 8th through the 14th to check all submissions and enter classes into Homeschool Life, our enrollment platform.
  • Participants generally enroll in classes between the 15th through the 22nd, as determined by the CIRCLE coordinator.
  • Volunteers calculate fees after the enrollment period ends.
  • Participants pay fees via Homeschool Life invoice, generally between the 23rd and 27th.

You can find the specific details & FAQs for CIRCLE Classes in the KC LEARN Policy Guide.


By applying to join as a LEARN member, and/or participating in LEARN/CIRCLE activities, you acknowledge that your name and email address are viewable by other members. Participating families or LEARN volunteers may take photographs/videos/interviews of students and families at organizational functions for use in yearbooks, newsletters, websites, social media, etc. Contact and other relevant information may be shared with instructors or coordinators for the activities in which you participate, and photographs/names may be included in group emails/publications/social media. LEARN does not share/sell contact information with third parties outside of what is stated here. LEARN Members are not to share other member information with outside parties without the explicit consent of said member. Additionally, members may not use the LEARN groups and directories for private or commercial purposes without the express consent of the involved members.

For questions or concerns related to LEARN, LEARN activities, CIRCLE or SCENE classes please email or fill out the LEARN feedback form.

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